Best Knowledge Based Incubator Awards

The Technopolicy Network and the Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services (CSES) are organizing the 2015 Best Knowledge Based incubator award. This leading incubator award is in its 13th year, with winners from countries all over the world, such as Portugal, USA, China, Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Last year Tecnosinos from Brazil was awarded the Best Knowledge Based Incubator 2014.

This globally leading award is based on a benchmarking study by the Technopolicy Network, CSES and an expert jury evaluation. In addition to the Best Knowledge Based Incubator Award several other prizes are awarded, such as Best New Incubator. All knowledge based incubators (business incubators that are structurally related to a knowledge/research institution) are warmly invited to attend the competition.

This years winners will be announced at the 13th Annual Academic Entrepreneurship Conference ‘Boosting Science Based Entrepreneurship: Building an International Start-up Ecosystem’ to be held in november 2015 and will be hosted by the winner of last year: Tecnosinos in São Leopoldo, Brazil. This year’s location will be the Complexo Tecnológico Unitec, where Tecnosinos Unitec Incubator is located. Tecnosinos Unitec Incubator is the 2014 winner in the award category “self-sustainability” and “knowledge-base element”.

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