9th Annual Conference of The Technopolicy Network

The 9th Annual Conference of The Technopolicy Network ‘Instruments for Shaping a Knowledge Region – Science as a Source for Creation of Inter-Regional a International Collaborations’ will take place in Leuven & Genk, Belgium. With an Innovation Tour on Monday 17 September and two conference days on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 September.

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Leuven & Genk

Leuven is one of the most prominent examples of knowledge based regional development in the world. Intensive collaboration between the local government, KU Leuven University and the Business community Leuven has resulted in a thriving innovative economy.

This success has now even reached the point were Leuven is too small and expansion is needed beyond regional borders. Genk is the region which Leuven is extensively working with. This former mining city is transforming it’s economy to a knowledge driven economy. The inter-regional collaboration with Leuven provides Genk a fast track for this transition.


With an Innovation tour on the 17th we will explore the successes of Leuven as a knowledge region. You will end your first day with a sparkling debate on successful regional policies in the beautiful city hall of Leuven, between the mayors of Leuven, Louis Tobback, Waterloo (Canada), Brenda Halloran and we invited the mayor of Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Rob van Gijzel. After the debate we will have a reception and enjoy a typical Belgian dinner together in a good quality restaurant in the historic center of Leuven.

The two following conference days in Genk will cover topics including:

Best Practices on Inter-Regional Collaborations
How to Activate Drivers for Regional Innovation
Public and Private Funding of Regional Innovation

The program will be available soon.

Join us at the 9th Annual Conference of The Technopolicy Network in Leuven & Genk and experience the unique inter-regional collaboration yourself!