Eero Holstila is an independent advisor in innovation ecosystem development.

Over the last two decades, Mr. Holstila has been one of the most influential pioneers of urban economic development policy in Helsinki Metropolitan area.

As the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Culminatum Innovation Ltd., Mr. Holstila has been involved in the process of developing Helsinki as one of the leading innovation hubs in Europe.

As the Director of Helsinki Urban Facts (1985-2001), Mr. Holstila took the lead in the department responsible for urban research and statistics. After his Culminatum period Eero Holstila served as Director of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, City of Helsinki, until September 2011.

Furthermore, Mr. Holstila served as Chairman of the Board of Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd and Chairman of the Board of Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd. Based on his hobbies including sports and classical music, Holstila was a member of the Delegation of the Finnish Olympic Committee and member of the Board of the Sibelius Academy.

Until recently he has been an advisory board member of The Technopolicy Network.

Eero Holstila holds a MA degree in Sociology from the University of Helsinki.



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