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The US Market Access Center (US MAC) is a specialized business incubator and accelerator located in San Jose, California. It’s a joint project between the City of San Jose’s Redevelopment Agency and the San Jose State University Research Foundation, and works exclusively with emerging foreign technology companies who are interested in entering the United States market, primarily in Silicon Valley.

In the past 15 years, the US MAC has worked with over 800 tech companies from over 50 countries. As far as we know, there is no other institution like us anywhere. The US MAC functions both as a “soft landing” and a launching pad for emerging tech companies from abroad. Like all incubators, we provide the basics – office space, conference rooms, internet and telephone service. But that is just the beginning. We also provide business development support, marketing consulting, and access to legal, financial and accounting expertise, research – virtually anything an emerging business needs is provided here. More importantly, we also provide relationships – we have an extensive database of contacts throughout Silicon Valley, and an enormous network to draw upon. We can, and do, help our clients get into almost any corporation and/or VC fund in the Silicon Valley.

In addition, the US MAC has developed considerable expertise in educating non-US entrepreneurs in “The Silicon Valley Way” of founding and growing ICT and clean-tech companies. The US MAC has delivered workshops, seminars, boot camps and other types of training to hundreds of entrepreneurs from over 20 countries.