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The Technopolicy Network is a global platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on innovation based regional development. Through this network, the regions gain knowledge on how other regions approach innovation ecosystem development. In addition, The Technopolicy Network stimulates collaboration between knowledge regions around the world.

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Each year The Technopolicy Network organizes events on Innovation Based Regional Development and  Science Based Incubation. The events are known for their high quality speakers and participants from all over the world. The conferences offer excellent networking opportunities.

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Sydney Incubator wins international Award for best Science Based Incubator

During its annual conference in Coimbra, Portugal, the Technopolicy Network has ranked ATP Innovations in Sydney, Australia, as the best science-based incubator in the world. This incubator has performed especially well in the way it has managed to be self-sustainable in generating its income.

The 11th Technopolicy Science Based Incubator Award ranked incubators from more than 20 countries in three categories (self-sustainability, growth, return on public investment). The overall winner achieves the best overall score. The Technopolicy Network is a network of knowledge regions which exchanges best practices in regional innovation policies with a focus on science-based entrepreneurship.

Self sustainability: ATP Innovations Pty Ltd., Sydney

ATP Innovations has a model with which it combines the maintenance of an industrial heritage building with attractive housing facilities for innovative starters. Through this, the costs of the building can be kept low. ATP houses 55 companies in life sciences, software and engineering. ATP offers both housing and research facilities. It raised more than 70 million euro investments in its venture, has launched 77 new products and manages to operate on a break-even basis.  ATP Innovations is managed by four universities in New South Wales.

Growth: Venturelab International, Twente

The incubator from Twente (The Netherlands) received the highest ranking in the category “growth”. In the past three years, the incubator managed the “Venture Lab Twente Program” (2009-2012) which generated 200 new companies and almost 2,000 jobs. Its goal is to generate 7,000 jobs by 2020. One of the reasons for its high growth is that the incubator delivers “flexible working space” and an intensive business development programme, which attracts many entrepreneurs. Venture Lab International stimulates their tenants to faster internationalize their businesses. Since 2009 VentureLab has earned the NBIA Soft Landings International Incubator designation. They expanded nationally to Groningen and have managed to set up partnerships in Brazil, Greece, Russia and China.

Return on Public Investment: Wroclaw Technology Park, Wroclaw

Lower Silesian Academic  Incubator from Wroclaw is owned by Wroclaw Technology Park and three Wroclaw universities . This incubator offers Laboratories and houses 28 companies in Chemistry, IT and Biotech. Its funding is mainly derived from the European Union. The incubator functions as an essential tool for the transformation of university knowledge into new products and companies. There are 92 highly specialized companies incubated till now, selling innovative products in the European and global markets. It has achieved a high return on public investment by keeping down operating costs and performing well in terms of outputs.

The research for the  Best Science-Based Incubator  Award is carried out with the UK consultancy firm Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services LLP (CSES). For more information you can contact CSES or the Technopolicy Network.

Chairman of the Conference, Peter Harman, and CEO of the Technopolicy Network, Frank Zwetsloot, present the trophy

The Technopolicy Network signs MoU with Association of Innovative Regions of Russia!

The Technopolicy Network is proud to announce that it has signed its second Memorandum of Understanding! After signing the first MoU with the Technology Innovation Agency South Africa in 2012, The Technopolicy Network has now signed a second MoU with the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR). Read more...

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